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(Environmental, Social & Governance)

🌿EnerRight Solutions: Powering Your ESG Success

Are you ready to propel your company towards a sustainable future? EnerRight Intelligent Limited is your strategic partner in achieving your ESG goals.

Smart Energy Solutions

Harness cutting-edge technology with our intelligent energy systems. Optimize your operations, reduce carbon footprint, and take a giant leap towards sustainability.

💡 Innovative Strategies for Efficiency

Our team, led by an industry expert with a proven track record, will tailor an energy optimization strategy to meet your unique business needs. From project conception to execution, we ensure every step is aligned with your ESG aspirations.

🏢 Integrated Building Management

Transform your spaces into energy-efficient, green havens. Our advanced solutions create comfortable and safe environments, all while significantly lowering operational costs.

Ready to embark on a sustainable journey? 

HKIE Grand Awards and Published in HKIE Commemorative Issue

Sub-category II -An Innovative Application (All Member Group) 

Grand Prize

Project Title: 
iPaint Al and related best practices 
lr LAU Hoi-fung, lr Prof TSO Chi-yan,
Dr CHAN Ka-chung and lr LEUNG Chi-fai

"Winning the competition with "iPaint Al and related best practices" for Times Square brings us joy. The project was first known to the public by winning the Renovation Award of Excellent Intelligent Green Building 2023, followed by the Grand Award - Building Products & Technologies Category of the Green Building Award 2023. This HKIE Grand Award further reinforces our commitment to sustainability, and we remain dedicated to implementing innovative technologies in the property industry for a greener future." 

Green and Healthy Building

"Green Building ward 2023 - Grand Award”

EnerRight Intelligent Limited champions sustainability through Green and Healthy Building solutions. Our cutting-edge approach has earned us the prestigious Green Building Award 2023 Grand Award from HKGBC.

RetroLogic AI: Empowering Sustainable

Win Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) Award
(HKIE Collaboration with Cyberport
in Innovation and Technology)

RetroLogic AI, developed by University, is an advanced Artificial Intelligence system tailored for building retrofitting. This cutting-edge solution combines smart technologies, energy-saving features, and Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) functionalities to enhance building efficiency and sustainability.

Intelligent Prediction & Control Technology

Optimization mechanism: AI automatic optimization and optimization, intelligent scheduling energy saving and efficiency improvement by 5%-20%

Electricity-free cooling solutions

The atmospheric components of the Earth allow mid-infrared radiation to pass through. The heat emitted l the iPaint can pass through the atmosphere and be absorbed the iPaint outer space. Simply apply iPaint to theroof or exterior walls of buildings; the electricity-free cooling effect will be achieved without energy or refrigerant.

iPaint, Electricity-free Cooling Technology.png

iPaint, Electricity-free Cooling Technology

Electroless refrigeration coating is the first passive radiative refrigeration commercial product independently developed by i2Cool. Different from the traditional air conditioning system, it is a cooling coating applied to the surface of outdoor buildings and equipment, which can effectively reduce the surface temperature of the building during the day, thereby reducing the electricity consumption of the building's cooling system.

>95% Reflects Solar Radiation + >95% Radiates Mid-Infrared Energy

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

EnerRight Intelligent Limited leads ESG initiatives with our innovative BIM solutions. Collaborate seamlessly with our expert consultants to integrate Building Information Modeling, optimizing efficiency and sustainability.  Join us in creating a future where sustainability and technology converge for unparalleled success.

WE Solutions

EnerRight Intelligent Limited introduces WE Solutions, a pioneering ESG initiative launched in collaboration with WEC and ERI in 2023. This innovative offering integrates cutting-edge technologies and leverages scientific research expertise to customize optimal Environmental, Social, and Governance solutions for buildings. Committed to societal and environmental contributions, WE Solutions not only enhances sustainability but also reduces operational expenses.  Where our commitment to innovation transforms buildings into beacons of efficiency, responsibility, and progress.

Photovoltaic (PV) System

Install Photovoltaic System

Citizens can install renewable energy power generation systems and sell all the electricity generated by the renewable energy power generation systems to CLP/HK Electric. The on-grid electricity price is determined according to the system capacity. Effective January 1st.


Arrangements for renewable energy power generation systems above 1,000 kW are considered on a case-by-case basis

One kilowatt per hour (kWh)

The feed-in tariff price for renewable energy generation systems, beginning with participation in the feed-in tariff program, remains unchanged for the entire project life of the system or until December 31, 2033, whichever is earlier.


What are the benefits of installing Photovoltaic System:

Have a stable monthly income from renewable energy


The arrangement of renewable energy power generation systems exceeding 1,000 kilowatts is considered on a case-by-case basis. One kilowatt-hour (kWh) per kilowatt-hour of electricity. The feed-in tariff price for renewable energy generation systems, beginning with participation in the feed-in tariff program, remains unchanged for the entire project life of the system or until December 31, 2033, whichever is earlier.

The above is a simple estimation calculation table, which varies according to the shadow occlusion of the project, the number of electricity meters, the total installed capacity, and the attenuation rate of solar panels. If you need accurate data, please provide specific project cases for accurate calculation and planning.

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